STADIUM demonstration in London

The London demonstration will be deployed and operationally tested during the Games of the XXX Olympiad in 2012.  

Contact person for the London demonstration is Steve Kearns of Transport for London.

Intelligent eyes for London

London sees more than 4000 events annually that affect the road network - while the Olympics are a unique challenge for transport in London. Transport for London (TfL) is now busy preparing this summer’s 2012 Olympic Games demonstration.

A key focus is to prevent congestion, keep the way free for public transport and keep London moving. At present, 1,000 traffic cameras across London deliver coverage in real time to the London Streets Traffic Control Centre (LSTCC). Operators observe the video images 24/7 – while there is a limitation of how many staff can monitor cameras. The STADIUM demonstration will allow automatic notifications of congestion along the Olympic route network and around Olympic venues: the image recognition server IRID processes data from 12 existing traffic cameras and 6 smart cameras and basically provides another set of intelligent eyes. Such smart video analytics alert the team in the case of issues and highlights congested locations on maps.

Sites close to London City Airport for example will see a large increase of traffic volume during the Olympics. The video analytics and its impact response mechanism will demonstrate the ability to maintain journey time reliable even during periods of heavy traffic usage.

Overview of the London STADIUM demonstration (image: TfL)

Impression of Stratford region

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