STADIUM demonstration in India

The demonstration in India was deployed and tested during the XIX Commonwealth Games in 2010 in Delhi whose transport system is based mainly on minivans and mass transit system. It includes an advanced planning scheme linking metro and bus timetables and integrating "paratransit" services (taxi and autorickshaw) in order to provide access to public transport infrastructure. Real-time GPS-based location of buses is featured which allows bus arrival forecasting.

A defined area in Delhi was chosen for the demo which included Metro lines and BRT lines in which about 200 buses were equipped with GPS as well as a sample para transit vehicles fleet (taxi and autorickshaw) consisting of some 50 vehicles.

A control centre was established which collected information and processed the planning and real-time GPS supervision of the BRT lines and the para transit vehicles. This provided the operator with all necessary information to monitor the service status and to define any corrective actions to recover delays, manage faults and provide information to users. Information was then provided to customers about the next stop or the booking status on electronic displays at stops, onboard, on mobile phones and on the internet. The control centre’s information was also used to create a database which allowed the optimization of bus resources and the consequent savings in both capital cost of buses and fuel costs.

The coordination of this demonstration is in the hands of Paolo Squillante at Thetis.


The leaflet on the demonstration in India is available here.

A presentation is available explaining the demonstration in India: here.

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