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Curitiba municipality (Brazil) joines User Group

The municipality of the Brazilian city Curitiba joined the STADIUM User Group in June 2011. Curitiba is southern Brazil’s largest city and the municipality will host some of the FIFA World Cup matches in 2014.

The STADIUM User Group consists of cities that prepare to host large events. Participating cities provide input on their user needs for the preparation of the handbook. The cities will use the draft handbook to prepare the large event happening in their city, and provide feedback on the handbook’s content which, then, contributes to an improved final edition. Cities involved are Glasgow (Commonwealth Games 2014), Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Kiev, Kharkov (Euro 2012), Milan (World Expo 2015) and Madrid.

Representatives from the municipality of Curitiba will join the next User Group meeting in fall 2011.


The STADIUM User Group

User Group meeting in Glasgow 2010

The fact that cities prepare for the organization of large events many years in advance (more than six years in many cases) is an opportunity to develop a targeted exploitation activity engaging specifically the cities which will be involved in the organization of large events from 2012 onwards and are interested in the product of this process.

Polis has established a group of cities that are interested in cooperation with STADIUM: Glasgow (Commonwealth Games 2014), Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Kiev, Kharkov (Euro 2012), Milan (World Expo 2015) and Madrid. Contacts will be made with Brazilian cities involved in the organisation of the 2014 football World Cup.

The exploitation group will ensure the long term impact of the project, anchor a broader group of cities to the project, establish the STADIUM handbook as a reference and pave the ground for cooperation between European cities on mobility and the organization of large events beyond the mere duration of the project. It would also increase STADIUM added value for European cities and for the EU, without losing a clear focus on the World Cup in South Africa and the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

This group of cities will have the following tasks:

  1. provide input on their requirements before the draft of the handbook, in the framework of the user needs analysis;
  2. commit to use the draft handbook as one of their reference document to prepare the large event happening in their city;
  3. provide a feedback on the content of the handbook before the edition of its final version, relying on their experience of attempting to make a first use of the handbook; 
  4. attend two workshops focusing on the exchange of experience with South African and Indian cities, TfL and other experts involved in the project.

Contact person for User Group activities is Sylvain Haon at Polis.

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