The STADIUM Handbook

The STADIUM handbook is a new ITS planning tool and available since April 2013 for cities hosting large events. The online guide fosters the decision making process to identify the most suitable and sustainable technologies.

The guide features an interactive ITS Decision Support Tool allowing cities to choose the most appropriate ITS tools to respond to transport challenges. The ITS Decision Support Tool features more than 30 ITS applications. They respond to challenges in domains such as:

  • Dynamic traffic management systems & real-time traffic information
  • Public transport:

  • tracking and tracing, fleet management,
  • demand-responsive transport,
  • integrated ticketing and information for taxis and buses,
  • bus and special vehicle priority,
  • inner-city public transport services implemented along major axes, with links to district hubs, modal interchange points and other centres (e.g. stadium, Olympic village etc.)

  • Tools to optimize operational transport plans according to historic and real-time demand data
  • Web-based systems to integrate public transport and traffic management; operations, and provide sources of data for delivery to mobile users, both private and commercial
  • Travel information services based on mobile communications, for real-time traffic and public transport service information, mobile payment, special event information and booking, etc.
  • Demand management strategies based on economics and measures to influence travel behaviour

Access the handbook here:

Brochure on the STADIUM Handbook

A brochure is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese an Russian, which explains the logic and benefits of the STADIUM Handbook.

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