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STADIUM aims to support not only local visitors of large events, but expects a worldwide audience. In addition to the journeys made by visitors, mobility managers have to consider the mobility of employees, VIPs, players or performers alongside the general logistics of the event such as catering, deliveries, etc. Special attention is paid to establishing links with the security aspects of major events.

To read more about STADIUM click here for the STADIUM leaflet.

The leaflet on the demonstration in India is available here.

The "last mile service" flyer from the demonstration in South Africa is available here.

Press releases

Press release on 29 April 2013:
New ITS Planning Tool available for cities hosting large events

Press release on 10 August 2012:
Intelligent eyes keep London moving on Olympic route network

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Polis: Dagmar Röller:
Demonstration in India: Paolo Squillante:
Demonstration in South Africa: Monica Giannini:
Demonstration in London: Steve Kearns:
Communication agency: De Visu
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