STADIUM demonstration in South Africa

Due to the relevance of the minivan transport sector (para transit) in South Africa, the demonstration aimed to improve its performances through the development of an ITS application supporting a demand-responsive transport service (DRT). The DRT platform was integrated with a system able to provide information for taxis and buses as well as passengers and is open to future integration, e.g. with ticketing, multi modal systems, terminal management etc.

The proposed solution has been implemented on a fleet of minivan taxis and demonstrated in Cape Town during the FIFA 2010 World Cup. This provided the Municipality and the Department of Transport the possibility of integrating the taxi service with local public transport using a telematics tool for the management of the service. This demonstration opened a wide range of possibilities to improve the local transport system providing an innovative technological control centre.

The coordination of the demonstration is in the hands of Monica Giannini at Pluservice.

A presentation is available explaining the demonstration in South Africa: Click here.   


STADIUM ITS application allows "your last mile service" in Cape Town

The STADIUM demonstration in South Africa aimed to improve the performance of the minivan transport sector. For this reason, a fleet of minivan taxis in Cape Town was equipped with an ITS application during the FIFA 2010 World Cup which supports a demand-responsive transport service (DRT). This enabled the Municipality and the Department of Transport to integrate the taxi service in local public transport.

The system has now been adapted to new services after the STADIUM demonstration at the soccer world cup. Established call centres as well as booking and monitoring control centres will continue operations with further services beyond the STADIUM demonstration. A marketing campaign offering "Your last mile service" has started in Cape Town.

The "last mile service" flyer is available here.


First vehicles fitted with the ITS equipment

First vehicles were fitted with the ITS equipment. Click here to see the photo report.


Cape Town Stadium

Dissemination of the demonstration in South Africa

A presentation on Stadium was given at the 2010 South Africa–European Union Summit "Beyond the Vuvuzelas: Unleashing sport as driver for research and innovation" on 29 September 2010 in Brussels. The South African demo site was presented as “Demonstration of Intelligent Transport Systems at FIFA World Cup – STADIUM FP7 Project". More information can be found at the Commission website.

Local dissemination in South Africa was fostered with presentations on STADIUM towards professors, researchers, programmers, an EU delegation and transport operators during a SIMBA workshop on 15 and 16 February 2010 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Please find here the presented project overview as well as the presentation on the demo in South Africa.

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